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Who is Feldenkrais for?

Since life and movement are interdependent, Feldenkrais is basically suitable for everyone.

Would you like to be able to move more easily in your everyday life and perform your activities more effortlessly? Take a moment and think about a typical day for you. Start at the beginning: You wake up and then …

Perhaps you also pursue a hobby or practise a certain sport? Here, too, there are countless possibilities to pick out a movement, look at it in detail and finally integrate it into a more fluid and coherent overall process.

Feldenkrais is for everyone who wants to discover their potential and increase their vitality!

Moves body and mind

Release tension, experience lightness. Explore and reorganise movement. Improve balance, discover poise, build up coordination, increase vitality.

What do you learn with Feldenkrais?

  • Move more easily and with less effort in everyday life
  • Counteract and release muscle tension
  • Dealing differently with stress and strain
  • Prevent back pain and neck/shoulder problems
  • Coping better with limitations of the musculoskeletal system
  • Refining and developing movement patterns and specific functions in sports and hobbies
  • Strengthen personal expression
  • Self-care in the rehabilitation process after an operation or accident

How do you do Feldenkrais?

In group lessons: here I guide you verbally through a clearly structured composition of movements and direct your attention.

In individual lessons: here we dedicate ourselves together to your personal needs. Gently I accompany you in your movement with my hands and together we explore new possibilities.

I look forward to meeting you

Are you interested in individual lessons or group lessons? Or do you have questions about me or the Feldenkrais Method?

Write to me or give me a call:

Ursula Brog
Feldenkrais teacher
076 345 02 69

Ursula Brog spielend-bewegt.ch, Feldenkrais, Basel